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SCARYO is a start up streaming service dedicated to horror and thrillers.

Every year, hundreds of scary, repulsive, disgusting, and insane movies are being made.
Movies that do not appear on TV or in the cinema and which will never reach the top-100 lists.
We think that's a shame - and we want to be a window for a lot of these movies.

We don't have everything, but we have enough to spoil your night's sleep for a long time. And every single month we add more content. We have monsters, cannibals and zombies, movies from Asia and Eastern Europe, movies in black and white, great classics, small independent films, cult and B movies, Danish movies - and a whole bunch of other stuff.

It is not us, but you as the user who should decide  how you want to watch movies. That's why at SCARYO you can buy a subscription - or rent all movies individually. This is how we would like to watch movies ourselves. With a subscription you get access to the majority of our content. There are some premiere movies and selected movies that we cannot offer as part of the subscription. However, some of these will continuously be added. It is the distributors that we work with who decide which movies can be part of the subscription.

We are new and we are small. It is not an excuse for being uncool, on the contrary.
We would love to hear from you if you think there is something we should be better at, if something needs to be added or removed - or if you simply want to send good karma our way.

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