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This information does not contain sensitive personal data.
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Terms & Privacy Policy


SCARYO is an internet-based service that offers audiovisual content (films and series) either via a subscription (SVOD), via individual rental (TVOD), or via purchase (EST).
SCARYO is owned and published by VisionsKompagniet Aps. - registered in Denmark,
CVR: 40961410.

These terms of agreement (together with any documents referred to herein) are valid and legally binding as long as you have a profile on SCARYO.
By using SCARYO, you accept these terms and conditions and that you are obliged to comply with them.
SCARYO may be offered by collaboration partners (third parties), e.g. in connection with their products. These business partners may have their own terms, which must be accepted separately.

To access the content on SCARYO via website or apps, you must create a profile on SCARYO.TV and pay for the content you wish to watch. You can have your profile deleted at any time by contacting our customer service. See contact details below.

To create a profile and access SCARYO, you must:
- be over 18 years of age,
- be resident in a country where SCARYO is offered. We check your geographic location during
  registration and you must not use any technology such as VPN, which can hide this location
- provide valid payment information,
- confirm that the personal information you provide is correct,
- only use SCARYO for personal and private use and never for commercial or public purposes.
- ensure that SCARYO's service and content are not in any way used by or resold to
  third party.

You can view the content on SCARYO by:
- creating a subscription paid monthly or annualy and without a binding period - which gives access to the majority of the total content on the platform. There will be content to which this subscription does not give access and to which you must instead rent or purchase separate access. Under the menu item "RENT ONLY" on the website you will find a list of the content to which a subscription does not give access. More content will continuously be added to the platform, which can be viewed either via subscription and/or via separate rental or purchase. When renting, the content is available for 48 hours and when purchasing, the content is available indefinitely as long as the content is covered by an agreement between SCARYO and the distributor of the content.

SCARYO contains material that should not be viewed by children and minors. This content has a recommended min. age of 15 years, but may also appear offensive or unpleasant to others.

Before using SCARYO and before making a payment, you must ensure that you have the necessary equipment, the correct and up-to-date programs and a sufficient internet connection. For example, your browser must support SCARYO and be up to date.
As we develop and modify the platform, we reserve the right to continually change these compatibility requirements. We cannot be held responsible for unavailability or limited use or function, as a result of errors, failure to update, overload or the like of your devices, your hardware, software and/or internet connection.

Updates of apps for phones and tablets are delivered via the place where you downloaded the app, e.g. the App Store.
You can use the service on a maximum of 3 registered devices. The same content cannot be viewed on 2 devices at the same time.
You can find the applicable requirements for hardware, software and internet under SUPPORT on the website.

Your email is your username. Username, in conjunction with password, is personal and should not be shared with others. You are responsible for all activity that takes place on your profile, and we can close your access to SCARYO at any time if we believe unauthorized activity is taking place.
If you suspect that someone is abusing or using your profile without authorization, you must notify us immediately, change your password and log out of all devices.

The data you submit when creating a profile is the personal data that SCARYO stores and processes. If you want your profile at SCARYO to be deleted, the personal data will also be deleted. SCARYO processes your personal data according to applicable GDPR regulations and does not share this with third parties. Read more under the section "Privacy policy" at the bottom of this document.


SCARYO accepts the following payment methods: MobilePay, Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card, Maestro.
To access content on SCARYO, you must provide valid payment information for one of the payment methods that SCARYO accepts. Your stated means of payment will be stored by SCARYO and by the payment gateway used by SCARYO (e.g. ReePay) in accordance with international security standards (PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Both one-off payments for rent and purchase as well as subscription payments will be deducted from the specified means of payment. When creating a subscription, you accept that we will continuously deduct the payment on a monthly or annual basis until the subscription is terminated and the current payment period expires. If a payment cannot be completed, we will continue to try to withdraw the payment, but close your access to content on SCARYO. However, this does not apply if the non-payment is due to a technical error with SCARYO or with our payment gateway partner.

If a technical error at SCARYO prevents you from accessing rented content, this error will be compensated with a voucher code for the content in question. The payment will not be refunded.

Content that is not covered by a subscription must be rented or purchased and paid for separately.

We may change the prices for access to content on SCARYO at any time. When changing the subscription price, a price change will apply from the start of your next payment period. Price changes to the subscription will be notified via email and/or on the website and/or in apps.

Right of withdrawal
When paying for a subscription, rental and/or purchase, you accept that the right of withdrawal expires by accessing the content immediately after the payment has been made.


We will periodically offer new subscribers a free trial period - eg "14 day free trial". To activate this period, you must provide valid means of payment. After the free period expires, the subscription automatically continues as amonthly paid subscription, unless you actively cancel it before the end of the trial period.

From time to time we will offer new customers the first rental film for DKK 0 (free) or at a reduced price. It can either be in connection with the creation of a profile or via a campaign where we give out vouchers to be redeemed on the website.

For both trial periods, free movies and reduced prices, a person can only make use of such an offer once.


Your cancelation
You can cancel your subscription via the "Membership" page. You must cancel your subscription no later than 3 days before the next payment period starts. Upon termination, your subscription will continue for the current payment period. During that period, your access to the content on SCARYO will continue. You keep your profile on SCARYO as a free profile, and you can, where possible, continue to rent and buy content individually. Previously purchased content will also continue to be available through your free profile. If you wish to delete your profile permanently, you must contact customer service. If you choose to delete your free profile permanently, you will lose access to purchased and rented content.

Our cancelation
In the event that you breach the terms of this agreement, we may cancel your subscription without notice and demand payment of any outstanding balances. We can choose that you can continue to have access to SCARYO via your free profile and, where possible, rent and or buy content individually as well as have access to any previously purchased content.

Depending on the nature of the breach, we can also suspend your access to SCARYO.

All content on SCARYO is protected by both Danish and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property rights. By accepting these conditions, you agree that all content on SCARYO is solely for personal and private use and may never be used, passed on or sold to third parties neither in a commercial nor public context.

SCARYO complies in accordance with applicable legislation.
We make no guarantees for the availability, quality, defects, technical function, stability and or security of the service SCARYO and/or the content.

Neither SCARYO, our owners, suppliers, business partners, management nor employees can be held responsible for direct or indirect derived effects or damages as a result of the use of or lack of possibility to use SCARYO.

On SCARYO's platforms, it is possible to connect your profile to social media, e.g. Google and Facebook - as well as share content from the platform on social media, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you use these functions, information from your user account may be published. The functions are made available by third-party social media and you accept that SCARYO bears no responsibility for the content or user information shared and/or published through these functions.

Any dispute in connection with this agreement must be resolved amicably by the parties.
If this is not possible, the agreement must be interpreted in accordance with Danish law, under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.


VisionsKompagniet Aps.
Nørre Alle 9 kl.
2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 43 60 00 00

CVR: 40961410


This privacy policy applies to you who use our services, websites and apps and communicate with us via email, telephone, social media or other available channels.

The policy describes the data  and personal information we collect about you, and use in our communication with you - as well as where the information is collected from and how it is stored.


We collect and process two types of personal data.

1: The information you provide i.e. during registrating on our website and in connection with payment.
- Personal information: Name, email, phone number, login and password,
- Payment information: card information, mobile no.
- Communication with us: correspondence via email, chat, social media, etc.
- Info from social media: information provided through login via e.g. Facebook and Google.

2: The information generated by the use of our services, websites and apps.
- Behavior: viewed content, favorite lists, navigation on the website and in apps.
- Information collected during your visits on our websites and in apps - i.e. from cookies.

Your personal data is used and processed under applicable data protection legislation and GDPR. In most cases, the processing of the information takes place either so we can deliver the service(s) we have agreed to (cf. the terms of this agreement) or because we have a legal obligation - e.g. in connection with book keeping.

We use your personal data in connection with:

General use of our services: We use personal data for identification and communication for e.g. registration, login, changes and payment.

Statistics and analyses: We use aggregated personal data to create statistics and analyses. We do this to improve and develop SCARYO both technically    and in relation to planning and optimizing the content.

Communication: We use personal data in connection with your contact with customer service - both to be able to provide the necessary service and to be
able to improve our communication. We can also communicate with you directly through our websites and apps.

Marketing: We process personal data to be able to provide news, recommendations, offers and information about our content and services.
If the processing of personal data requires separate permission from you, we will always make sure to collect this. This may, for example, be in connection
with distributing our newsletter.

Third party: We may pass on your personal data and behavioral data to third parties, e.g. business partners in connection with your participation in
surveys or competitions - where you separately give permission for the information to be passed on. In addition, we only pass on information to third
parties if we are legally obliged to do so or if it is required to be able to maintain the operation of our services.

Your personal data is protected against unauthorized use via technical and personnel measures. Payment information is encrypted, protected and subject to PCI security standards (PCI Security Standards Council).


We use MUVI as the basic platform for SCARYO's streaming service. Your profile information, login and password as well as parts of your user behavior from the website and apps are stored here. MUVI has third-party systems integrated into the platform that perform certain functions. Amazon Cloud Services handles the storage and protection of content and data, ReePay is a payment gateway that handles payment transactions and Google Analytics is a tool for recording and analyzing traffic and behavior on the website.

The Privacy Policy for all platforms and systems can be found here:




When you visit SCARYO's website, we use cookies to record information about your behavior and traffic on the website. This information does not contain sensitive personal data.
When using SCARYO's websites, you are asked to accept the cookie policy below.

We use cookies to customize our content and ads, to show you features, for social media and to analyze our traffic. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media partners, advertising partners and analytics partners. Our partners may combine this data with other information you have provided to them or data they have collected from your use of their services.

You can delete cookies on your computer at any time. Below you will find instructions on how to delete cookies in the most used browsers. Deactivating or deleting cookies may cause some of the website's functions to no longer work.



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